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Casino Massage

Casino-massageIshqa is the number one casino massage company in London. Our therapists are trained to the highest level in casino massage. We aim to recruit therapists with a minimum of 2 years massage experience and once brought onto the team, they are required to undergo intensive training including casino and poker etiquette.

Our casino massage therapists are handpicked and have interesting and varied CVs.  We value our casino massage therapists having personality and the ability to demonstrate initiative and drive. Some of our casino massage therapists have travelled abroad to specialise in far eastern massage techniques while others may have another passion such as acting or singing.

We pride ourselves in having a strong core team of casino massage therapists who work with us on a regular basis and understand our work ethic. We have a strict code of conduct that our casino massage therapists adhere to including when and how to approach a table and how to recognize the optimum times to offer the massage without interrupting or distracting players at important moments. We will never parachute new casino massage therapists in to your casino or card room without a rigorous induction as we want each of our therapists to feel confident and enjoy their work, and in turn for our customers to receive the best treatment as possible.

We are not simply an agency connecting therapists with venues.  Instead we offer a bespoke service with a quality guarantee.  If you are interested in having our therapists in your casino or cardroom please contact us.  We can provide therapists for all sizes of game - from private poker games of 6-8 people to major international tournaments.